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Our team of Personal Trainers, Nutritionists and Accountability Coaches work with women who want to look and feel healthy, fit and happy. We empower women through self care to design and live a healthy active lifestyle that enables them to have more energy and vitality so that they get MORE out of life.

If you are wondering if we can help you, then take a look below and see if you can relate:

  • Are you tired of wearing clothes that don't reflect who you REALLY are?
  • Are you tired of being stuck in a vicious cycle when it comes to your health and fitness?
  • Do you feel trapped in your body and hate the way it is holding you back?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed in life and really want to just let someone else take care of YOU for a change?
  • Are you ready to discover what it feels like to feel GOOD being you?
  • Can you appreciate how wonderful it would be to be guided and cared for, to understand what is BEST for you, to connect with an amazing community of like-minded women and to FINALLY feel in control of your health?
  • Then you have come to the right place! Life Designs Fitness & Nutrition is designed for women who are ready to become empowered through self care to get out of overwhelm, to take charge of their health and to design and live their ideal life.


We offer a wide variety of health and fitness solutions differentiated
by the amount and type of support that you require.

Check Out Our Solution Levels:

Silver Solution Design your own LIFEstyle

You want to pick and choose group fitness and nutrition options that work for you.

You are highly motivated and don't need support to stay consistent.

You enjoy exercising and learning in a group setting and being led by a professional trainer.

You do not need ongoing nutrition or mindset support as part of your program.

Is this you? more info here...

Gold Solution LIFEstyle by Design

You want a more personalized fitness program.

You need accountability systems to stay motivated and on track.

You want guidance from a fitness professional to ensure you are progressing and to push through plateaus.

You benefit from nutrition and mindset support.

Sound like what you need? more info here...

Platinum Solution Re-designing Me

You want a fully loaded personalized LIFE style transformation program.

You have a long journey ahead and want the accountability systems, nutrition and coaching support to keep you motivated and on track.

You KNOW what you are "supposed" to do but struggle to actually stick to it.

You are tired of feeling stuck and are ready and willing to DO something about it, and need all the support you can get.

Sound amazing? more info here...

Diamond Solution Designer LIFE

You want "Celebrity" Treatment.

You are a busy high achiever who doesn't have time to do all the planning, prepping and preparing needed to get healthy and fit.

You want a skilled professional to take care of your health and fitness needs for you so you have more time and energy to do what you do best!

You recognize that you are your best investment and being healthy and fit makes you worth so much more!

Sound ideal? more info here...


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